Saturday, February 14, 2009

23 Weeks

Time is flying by and I'm over halfway through the pregnancy. I expected it to go relatively fast but this has been a crazy fast 23 weeks.
I'm starting to feel little kicks and it's so wild! According to my pregnancy books he is a little over a pound and about the size of a large mango.
Picking a name has been quite the ordeal. We have one in mind but we are not positive yet so right now I'm keeping it under wraps.
We were in Old Navy and saw this adorable little shirt. I couldn't resist getting it - every name we come up with I always add "Dr." in front of it to make sure it sounds right. And anything with the word "poop" in it cracks me up.
Other than the crib we haven't done too much shopping for baby. My mom bought me this adorable bedding though.
I did add this element to my photography arsenal last week. I knew I'd need a serious tripod for the thousands of pictures I will take after he gets here.

That's all for now, sorry it's not more exciting.