Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fall Happenings

Oh blog. I'm so sorry you are so neglected. Oh my goodness August 3 was the last time I posted.

So. To catch up. Soccer, Dance, Cub Scouts, Fall, Pumpkin Patch, Anniversary, Halloween, Family pictures. OK done! I kid.

Evan played soccer at the YMCA again this year. He was in the 7/8 boys and it’s the first time his team wasn’t co-ed. I was excited to really see him be competitive this year. BOY was I wrong. Evan was competitive and played his little butt off but most of the other kids, not so much. We had a couple VERY awkward boys and a couple special needs boys and God love them but they were completely outmatched at every game. The other teams were filled with athletic boys who well, tried. Evan’s team was outscored at least 10 to nothing every game. We scored one goal all season. But Evan kept SUCH a good attitude all season saying things like “at least we’re having fun right?” or “hey, we got it to the other side of the field this time”. Oh his sweet heart!!! I on the other hand have never been so frustrated in all my life! But oh well, at least he had fun. We might try a different league next year to see if he can have a little better chance of being competitive.

He had a cute audience for the games too.

Erin started another year of dance. She still likes it but the logistics of getting her to and from is a little difficult. My sweet friend Melissa takes her every week and we pick her up. I feel guilty I can’t be off work in time to take her but hopefully it’ll just be this year and next year she will have a later class. If not, I’m not sure we can keep her in it. I want to start Audrey in dance next year so I’m hoping it works out they can both be in it.

Evan joined Cub Scouts at the beginning of the school year. He was SO excited to join up. He’s earned his first (bobcat) badge for learning the pledge and the laws. He was so happy! He’s been a little disappointed that he’s only going to meetings and not having “real Boy scouts”. I think he thought it was all camping and fishing! Haha, hopefully he will be able to do all that stuff soon too.

Fall snuck up on me this year and man did we get busy! I had tons of photo sessions and tried to squeeze in as many fall activities as I could. Fall is my favorite!

We went to the Pumpkin Patch one day and man oh man. Going anywhere will all 4 is a challenge. Todd was dealing with a hurt back and right now the twins just want TO RUN! And Audrey slipped out of Todds grip and almost ran into the busy road. After that heart attack moment I was ready to pack it in and just go home. But we persevered. Once we got to the pumpkin patch Erin was SO worried about the twins running away she just could not let them go or let them out of her sight. She fretted the entire time and I felt so bad for her. The twins would run, trip, run, trip, Erin would cry because I wasn’t holding both of them all the time and thank goodness Evan happily looked for a pumpkin. If it weren’t for him the whole trip would’ve been a waste.
Erin fretting.

I tried to get pictures but it was pretty difficult. Here are our happy pumpkin patch pictures. Obviously Audrey loves to sit for pictures.

That same weekend Todd and I celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary. 15 years!! It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago. I feel like this past year has been the biggest challenge for us so far. This life right now, is not easy. At all. The kids keep me incredibly busy along with my full time job and part time job I feel like I am just giving all all the time and there’s nothing left for me. And Todd's job has him very busy working 12 hour days most days. We don’t have a lot of options for babysitting right now and it’s also a matter of the expense of getting a sitter for date nights. We both know we need to make more time for each other but it’s been a constant struggle to make that happen. And I know as the kids get older it might get a little easier to find sitters but for now, it’s tough. Hopefully all we’ve been through this year will only make us stronger and we’ll look back some day and laugh and miss the chaos.
Here are a few of the family photos we had taken this Fall. I am obsessed with them.

Halloween was pretty fun this year. Here you will see my Green Lego Ninja, Nemo, Cinderella and my Rainbow Sparkle Unicorn.

Erin loves that costume so much, she has worn it out. I’m getting my money’s worth so I say go for it.

We went trick or treating at at a Trunk or Treat and Melissa’s neighborhood again this year and the kids cleaned up! So much candy. We are still working our way through it now almost 3 weeks later.

So now…let’s see, is that it? I feel like I should talk about Audrey and Wesley! Oh my gosh are they growing. And talking and did I mention the running!? They are what you'd imagine a two year old to be...except there are two. Do destruction x 2, mess x 2, tantrums x 2, finding socks x 2. Audrey is a ball of energy, fire, sass and sweetness and lord I love that girl so much. She is her sister made over and man, stubborn! I think I'm raising some strong women and I love it.

Wessy is still my sweet sensitive boy who is always in the mood for a snuggle.

He doesn't talk quite as much as Audrey but I think that's normal - Audi just talks all the time! We have had some pretty awful sleep issues the past few months. They just don't want to go to sleep - ever! Since we moved them to toddler beds it's been a struggle anyway but the last couple months it's been TODDLER PARTY until 10 pm every night. I put them down at 8:30. No fun. And it's not like I could leave the room either - Wessy is the most persistent crier outer in the history of crying it out. He never gives up. So I would sit for 1-2 hours in their room until they drifted off. I eventually called my pediatrician for solutions and he suggested melatonin. 1mg at bath time and they should be ready for sleep by bedtime. OMG y'all!!! Life changing. For the past two weeks they sleep within 10-15 minutes of putting them to bed. It's been so amazing and I hope it continues.

What else....hmmm, I think those are the highlights. I'm sure I missed some stuff! Geez, sorry this turned into the longest blog post in history, thanks for hanging in there!

So here I am. Birthday 39. Feeling so blessed I don’t know what to do with myself. Even though these past few years have been hard/trying/exhausting I have never ever taken for granted how incredibly lucky I am. Truly. Just turning on the news or scrolling through a news feed is sometimes all the affirmation I need that I am so blessed and have not one damn thing to complain about. My children are happy, beautiful and healthy. We have a roof over our head and can keep food on the table and the lights on. Todd and I have great jobs and good health insurance, those are tough to come by. I have the most wonderful, amazing and supportive friends a girl could ask for.

I am so so grateful for all I have. And even though it’s no easy life, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Erin is a Kindergartner! And Evan is a Second Grader!

Our summer was ridiculously short, school started on July 27th this year. Erin was excited to start Kindergarten. I'm SO glad, it made it so much easier!

Evan was pretty tired on the first day, man he made me work for that smile.

We decided to let Erin ride the bus on the first day, just so she wouldn't fall behind on the routine. It was SO hard to watch her get on that big ole bus. But she did great and (obviously) was so excited!

After the bus left I took the twins to daycare and made my way to school to see her on her first day. There were no tears (even from me!) and she looked very eager to start the day.
When she got home she said she had a great day and couldn't wait to go back. Yay!

Erin is Five

Oh this girl. Oh my heart. I love her sass. Her sweetness. Her sense of humor. Even her stubbornness! I really can't believe she is five. 
I hate to be partial but she is still my favorite person in the whole world to photograph. Even though this photoshoot was a two parter since she was DONE after the first outfit change and refused to smile. So we went back a week later to finish up. I brought bribery the second time in the form of a blind bag, I'm pretty sure I won't do another shoot with her without one! 

 Her birthday was pretty low key. No party this year, summer has been crazy busy and um...4 kids in daycare all day all week is pretty pricey.
She still looooooves Shopkins.
And absolutely anything that has to do with unicorns.