Friday, December 29, 2017

Oh Blog...

Oh long neglected blog. Although many memories from 2017 were great ones, a lot of them I just want to forget and never think about them again.
The things I've meant to blog since my last post. Erin's turned six. Fall pumpkin picking, Halloween and various other fall activities. We moved! (I will elaborate on that later). Christmas cookies, Christmas morning... but I just can't. I don't have it in me.

First, a couple of necessary things. We had Lilly put to sleep. She was really struggling health-wise and it was an excruciating decision but we thought it best to end her suffering.
We all said goodbye :(

The animal hospital I went to was so great - they took Lilly and I into a room much like a living room. They gave her a sedative which she fell asleep on my lap. She laid there for a few minutes and they asked if I was ready. I was. They gave her the injection and she was gone. My poor sweet girl. I felt horrible but I know it was what was best for her. It was so very hard. 

Next, my mom died. It is still so weird to say that. It's weird to think it. She had cirrhosis. We did not expect it. I will have to write more later when I can. But for now I am heartbroken from these loses and other things that have happened this year that I haven't shared. I'm so ready for 2018. 

Monday, July 3, 2017

Summertime Fun

We've had some great weather lately so we've been spending a lot of time outside. I figure I can get away with one of these tiny pools for one more year until we'll need to get something bigger. Right now they all love it though and will play for hours.

I love spending time outside in the summer. No schedules, nowhere to be - it's been nice. This is 4th of July weekend and we have very little plans. Wes is still doing great - he's had a couple rough nights but nothing the pain meds couldn't handle.

And today has been laaaaazy! We might venture outside in a little bit but for now it's guns and ballet :)

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wesley's Giant Tonsils

Wessy had his tonsils  and adenoids out this morning and he did amazingly great.  We got to the surgery center a little  before 7 AM and he was in surgery by eight.

 The surgery took about 30 minutes    Wes came out of anesthesia just fine he acted a little groggy for the first five minutes or so but then he just kind of laid around and ate his slushy.  Never cried or seemed  upset,  not even when they removed his IV.
 About an hour later we were discharged and headed home.

He hasn't been as lazy as I thought he would be, he's acting completely normal so far today.  He's napping now so we'll see when he wakes up how his pain is but so far so good!  He's been eating and drinking normally and even had a few bites of my bologna sandwich.

Fingers crossed the next couple of weeks go this well.  Most of the blogs that I read said the first day isn't bad though and days three and four are pretty rough because the tonsil start to scab over. Sounds gross!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Erin's Dance Recital 2017

Erin had her dance recital yesterday and she did amazing!
I hadn't been able to see her dance in the studio ALL year due to work conflicts so the routine the girls did was a total surprise to me.
I think they did amazing!
This video if from the dress rehearsal the day before - the actual recital was about the same but I think just a bit better. I was SO proud!

Such a great performance.

With Sophie! So glad they have this experience together!

Evan is 8!!!

Oh my goodness I really can't believe it. 8!! Yesterday I was nervous about having my first baby and now that baby is 8! No way.
He really is the sweetest kid. Except maybe to his little sister :) He still doesn't mind a snuggle with me on the couch and still loves for me to sing him to sleep.
He's fun, energetic. funny, goofy, very techie, loves video games and watching people play video games, loves legos and of course soccer!
I love him so so much!
On his actual birthday I looked though pictures and I realized he's my least photographed child. What has happened! I quickly threw a polo shirt on him and went into the backyard. He's so funny he always wants to get the "no legs" picture - that is him jumping so it looks like he doesn't have any legs. It took a couple tries but we got it :) So goofy.

Such a big boy and so very hard to believe.

Summer Begins!

Ok, I guess I should catch up on the Spring first?
So Evan had soccer - we tried a new league this year and really liked it. It seemed a bit more competitive - either that or he got on a team that had at least a few players that cared about it. We still had some stand arounders.
Todd coached and although it was a struggle sometimes it ended up being a fun season.

We also graduated a kindergartner! Oh my Lord Erin was so cute at her graduation program - she was singing so loud to just Todd and I. I loved it so much. 

Erin Kindergarten Graduation 1 from Kelly Marsh on Vimeo.

We also said goodbye to our daycare of 8 years. They are closing and it was tough to say goodbye. They have been the only ones to ever watch my babies! I will miss them so much.
A&W started at a new preschool. They would've probably started at a 1 or 2 day a week preschool in the fall so a 5 day a week school seemed crazy at first to me but this school only does "school" from 9-11am and there's plenty of fun for them to do before and after. I really like it so far and the staff are great at communicating and I love seeing little updates from them throughout their day.
First day.
From their teacher. 
Face painting day.
So so far so good!
Evan and Erin are spending the summer at my friend Jan's and they are really enjoying it so far. Her kids are about the E's ages so it works out great.
She took them to the library for Captain Underpants day :)

Love seeing a peak into their day as well!

That brings us pretty up to date. Yesterday we had Evan's 8th(!) birthday and Erin dance recital. I think those will need their own post.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Audrey & Wesley are Three

I can't believe these sweet twins are three!

Their Grandma Sherry got them this Trolls karaoke machine and they love it. I knew Wes would especially love it because he is ALWAYS singing. His new favorite movie is Sing because there are so many songs in it. Of course Audrey likes to sing too so it was the perfect gift.

Trolls from Kelly Marsh on Vimeo.

It's so hard to believe they are three. I have a twin mom friend that says that it gets easier when they turn 3. I'm not holding my breath but hopefully they'll start to do better in public. Right now they have no filter and are SO LOUD and crazy. We'll see.

Audrey continues to be this wild and crazy force that is sassy and spunky. She's one tough cookie and I have no worries about her holding her own anywhere she goes. Her new two favorite words are "no" and "why". So that's fun ;)
We're starting to potty train her and she's interested but we've yet to have any actual pee or poop in the potty. She's pretty gung ho with trying though. Fingers crossed it'll be a quick train.
She's still sucking her thumb and I'm not in a huge hurry to get her to stop. I mean, maybe I should be but it's not at the top of my list.
I adore her so very much.

Wessy, along with singing, enjoys ALL movies and TV. He loves his movies and most of the time if the other kids are playing he'd rather sit and enjoy a movie or tv show. He is also still my little snuggle bug and never minds me holding him and snuggling. He's feisty when he needs to be and has a bit of a mean streak when it comes to hair pulling - something we are trying to put a stop to! 
This sweet boy!

Happy Birthday my sweet twinies!