Thursday, April 25, 2013

Evan's Garden

For quite a few months Evan has wanted to plant seeds and watch plants grow. Todd decided that they would do a box garden together and I thought it was a great idea. Evan had a lot of fun planting the seeds and plants. He's very interested in how things grow.

They planted tomatoes, zucchini, squash, some peppers and I think strawberries. It all sounds delicious to me!

We'll have to watch this girl around it though. She looked like she wanted run through it and trample it all. 
He was so proud when it was finished. I can't wait to see what will grow. 

My Poor Neglected Blog

So it's been about two months since I've blogged. Things have been busy! My photography business is picking up now that Spring has sprung and I feel like anytime I am at the computer I'm editing pictures of other peoples kids instead of mine. That's ok, I love that I have been getting more clients. I Still hope to some day make that my full time job.
I guess to catch up I should say we got the results back from Erin's labs. She has Ketotic hypoglycemia.
Basically we just need to watch her and make sure that she eats. Luckily this should be something she grows out of. Knock on wood she hasn't had any episodes since that morning we went to the ER so maybe it was a one time thing. Hoping so!
Todd and I are on vacation this week and took a little mini getaway to Cincinnati to Great Wolf Lodge. The kids had SO much fun. Pictures as you can imagine were a challenge, there were only a few "safe zones" and even those you had to watch out for some rogue sprays. I was able to get a few on my phone though. I thought they would have fun but I figured Evan would just stay in the little toddler area and splash around, he's never been very brave when it came to water. Boy was I wrong! He LOVED the water slides. Even the big ones mama was too chicken to go down. Oh how I wish I had a picture of his face after going down the slide for the first time. Pure joy. Erin was pretty adventurous too, no slides for her but she wasn't scared of all the water, she loved to walk all around Fort Mackenzie and play with all the different stuff. It was overall super fun and the hotel was really nice. We plan on going back next year for sure.

I think this one if when daddy brought back lunch ;) 
We also caught a Reds game while in Cincy. It was fun even though we only stayed for about half the game. The next morning we heard the game went into 13 innings and the Reds pulled out the win over the Cubs. Crazy!
It was such a great trip, two days was definitely enough at the the water park though. Todd and I were exhausted!!!