Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Fun

We had a lot of fun dying Easter eggs last night. This is the first year Evan has been old enough to participate. 
He didn't like using the egg holder, so most of the time he would just throw them in the cup.

Steady hands.
Gotta style them up with stickers!

The finished products.

This morning Evan was very excited to see we had him some monster trucks in his Easter basket. Not to mention all the candy.

He also got a massive Easter basket from his Grandma. So cute!
We are going out to my moms in a little bit for an Easter egg hunt and I'm sure more candy madness.
I have my glucose test in the morning so I am trying hard to stay away from it all!
A great Easter so far and there's more to come. I'm hoping the severe storms headed are way hold off until the kids can all hunt for the Easter eggs.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Thank goodness we can finally go outside and enjoy some nice weather. I was so over the winter. Evan is a lot more active this year compared to last so we can really get out and explore. Everything is new and exciting to him and I love seeing that through his eyes.
He really loves to slide at the park.

And ride daddy's tractor.

He also loves to enjoy a nice cold one after all the hard work. (sippy of milk that is)

I am loving the amount of talking he is doing. He has a new favorite word or new sentence every day. He is so grown up. I can't believe he will be 2 in 7 weeks.

Such a big man.
Since his big boy room has been all set up I had every intention of having him sleep there. Turns out I have realized it will probably be a harder transition for me than it will be him. I'm really afraid naps will go out the window and I'm really not ready for that just yet. I want to try next weekend to get him to sleep in his new bed, we'll see if it actually happens. I've been saying "next weekend" for about a year about his silly pacifier that he still wants.

I'm 25 weeks pregnant now and feeling great. Having a few Braxton Hicks every day. I think my temperature tolerance has leveled out to be like a normal person. I am always always cold at work. But now it seems when people are complaining about the heat I agree with them so must mean I am feeling warmer. Today it's about 85 degrees outside and it feels like 105 to me. I am really dreading the next few months if I already think it's too hot in April.
That's about it for now, I know I'll be posting a lot more pictures now that we can get outside.