Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer Fun!

We've been having a lot of fun outside this summer so far. This week has been the first week in the 90's and I'm not a huge fan of the heat but in the evenings it isn't too bad.
Lots of water and sand. We moved the sandbox onto the patio which was a horrible idea. But the babies love it, and have only eaten minimal amounts.

Just a little messy! But lately as much food as the smear all over themselves (Audrey) I've been giving them a bath every night anyway so what's a little sand. 
The sprinkler was meh. Wes thought he was being tortured. 

Of course the big kids love their little pool.

I'm loving all this summer fun! 

 "Get this sprinkler away from me!"

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Go Orioles!

 Evan had a great season in baseball this year. He was much more productive that last year. He got hits almost every at bat and he seemed to have a lot of fun. His outfield play still involved some dirt play and daydreaming but all in all I'd call the season a success. This year is the last year they don't keep score in the regular season games.

 In the tournament this year they keep score. It was actually pretty exciting to know there was an actual winner and loser in these games. With such a small league we played one game and won to make it into the championship game. The Orioles came up one run short in the final game. It was a hot day and there weren't many hits so those 4 innings went quick!
Evan was excited even the runner ups got a trophy. He was very proud.

Daddy was proud too!

With his friend Colin.

After the game we went to Berry Twist with the team to cool off.
The boys being silly.

 It was lots of fun!

Evan is Six!

This Lego loving boy is six! The years are just flying by no matter what I do. Six years ago this boy made me a mom for the first time and gave me more purpose in life than I ever thought possible. I'm so proud of the boy he is. Sweet, caring, funny!

 He's still into Star Wars but Lego Marvel Super Hereos is pretty high up there. We bought him the game for PS4 and he goes nuts for it.

This was what he wanted for his birthday dinner, an Arni's olive pizza. 
He wants to go bowling for his birthday party, we are going to try and make that happen in the next few weeks. Things have been out of control busy and we haven't found the time to schedule a party. 

Erin's Dance Recital

The plan today is to catch up on blogging! So many fun and exciting things have been happening lately and I haven't been able to sit down and share.
First up, Erin had her dance recital on May 31st. 99% of these pictures and video are from her dress rehearsal the day before. The dress rehearsal was as important (if not more) than the actual recital to me. This was the day we could get pictures and video. So that morning I took her to get her hair done, she was very excited to have a proper ballet bun :)
We then stopped by Erin's bff Sophie's house to do makeup and get pictures of our bestie girls. Erin had been scared of makeup up until that day, I'm so glad she let me put it on her, she looked so pretty.

With her Sophie. 

The dress rehearsal and recital went down pretty much the same. Not perfection by any means but these kids are 3 & 4 and I think they did amazing. I was so proud of Erin. She sucked her thumb a little in rehearsal but the day of the big show she didn't do it once.
Here are a couple video of the cuteness (during dress rehearsal).
Erin Dance Recital 5/31/2015 from Kelly Marsh on Vimeo.

Erin's Recital 5/31/2015 from Kelly Marsh on Vimeo.

This one is right after the recital was over and we were leaving. She got really upset and scared at the end when they had all the dancers on stage for a big balloon drop. She said she couldn't find me in the audience and she was scared. Poor thing. I should have explained that I wouldn't be standing right by the stage like in rehearsal. Once we were reunited after the show she quickly forgot about it though and said she had fun. I hope so!
(And fyi, I did her hair this day...buns are not easy!)
I hope she continues with dance in the fall, I really enjoy seeing her up on stage and I know she enjoys the classes. Maybe not balloon drops though.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Evan's Kindergarten Graduation

My sweet baby boy is off to first grade. Hard to believe it!
His Kindergarten graduation program was super cute! He's been teasing me with songs for the past few weeks and it was adorable to see them all come together.
Evan Kindergarten Graduation from Kelly Marsh on Vimeo.

IMG 2231 from Kelly Marsh on Vimeo.

After the songs we were able to get a few pictures.

 With his teacher and the teachers aide.

 With his favorite music teacher!

This school year went so fast! Only about 8 weeks of summer vacation though so we'll be back to school before you know it.