Saturday, June 25, 2011

36 Weeks

Feeling good with a little less than a month to go. 27 days until my due date. I am feeling the strain that is for sure - just a quick trip to Target with Evan this morning and I feel like I spent an entire day shopping. My poor feet, I think they are better than when we had temperatures in the nineties but the still swell so bad. I get about 5 minutes of normal feet in the mornings when I wake up.
I'm packing my bag for the hospital today. Kind of surreal. My bag will be a lot lighter this time since I know what is pretty much essential and non-essential to take. I finally found the cutest dress to take her home in this morning. I have been looking everywhere for something teeny enough and this little dress at Target was just what I wanted. I'm sure I'll post a pic at some point, but I lack the motivation right now.

Speaking of motivation, I have little or none for photography right now. I'm actually having Evan's 2 year pictures taken by someone else tomorrow. I'm sure eventually I will get back into it but for now I'm concentrating more on being a momtographer I guess.
I have also booked Kelly Beach to do Erin's newborn photos. I am so excited for this! She is so very talented.
Well that's about it for now, just felt like updating a little since I am getting closer.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Erin Sophia's Nursery

It's done, it's done!
I love how it turned out. It's just what I imagined for a sweet little girl. And hopefully she won't mind the color when she gets older because this will be her room for a long time.
I adore her bedding. I think the little owls and birds are too cute.
My mom was sweet enough to buy me the quilt to match - and it's a twin so she can still have this bedding when she eventually moves to a toddler bed. You know, in 10 years.
I love all the little stuffed owls and plaques my mom got me too. (And thanks Kacy for the cutesy pink dress).

Can you spot the toddler in this one?

Mr. Helper.
I need to post pictures of Evan's "not so big boy" room since we moved the ole fire truck bed out and a new crib in. It has worked out like a dream. He took to the new crib fantastically.
So now all I have to do is pack a bag and wait for sweet Erin. It's such a relief to have the room ready.

Mommy and Evan Days

My daycare had a death in the family so they are closed for the next two days. So it's me and Evan. I'm using this time to break him of the pacifier. I am fully aware this may not be an easy few days but it needs to be done.
Todd and I took him for his 2 year checkup yesterday. He weighs 28 pounds 11 ounces and is 34-1/2" long (75th percentile for both). He's right on track developmentally and other than getting his 4 canine teeth all at the SAME TIME he is doing just great!!!
I'm really looking forward to these fews days (aside from the paci withdrawal) and I'm hoping it will give me a taste of what this summer on maternity leave will be like. Well, minus the little bitty newborn.
So far today has been good - we've been playing and lounging and the only issue we had was him giving up the paci this morning when he got out of bed. Nothing a little bribery and a new toy can't handle. I think I'm going to give it to him on his nap today and bedtime tonight and the same tomorrow but Saturday we will have him say goodbye. Wish me luck!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beating the Heat

We have had a miserably hot beginning of June. If it continues on like this I hate to see July and August. It has been mid-90's for what seems like forever.
If we do go outside to play it either has to be early morning or in the evening after the sun goes down. Otherwise we bust out the water!
I bought this little pool last fall for the bargain price of $10 (75% off thankyouverymuch). Worth every penny. Evan loves it and it's perfect for his age because he is all about water.

Hey, I'm all wet and stuff!

And to tell the truth I may have snuck into the pool myself to cool my gigantic swollen feet a time or two :-)
Evan didn't mind sharing.

The Name

We are naming our sweet girl Erin Sophia.
We didn't really set out to make her name and Evan's so similar. To be quite honest we've loved the name Erin for a long time, and even if this baby was a boy we most likely would have called him Aaron.   It doesn't have any specific meaning to us, we just love the simplicity and how it sounds. I can't wait until she is here. I'm beyond excited to meet her.

Birthday Boy!

I can't believe my little boy is two! The past two years have just flown by. He has grown so much just in the last few weeks. And he is learning so much, every day it seems he has a new word or sentence that he is saying.
My parents, Todd's mom, my brother and Todd and I all pitched in to get Evan a swing set for his birthday. He LOVES it! I was so grateful for family to be able to help us out and get him this, we know he (and baby girl) will get many years of fun from it.

Last weekend we had the big birthday party. We all had a great time and Evan loved seeing all the family and friends. He especially liked all his gifts. And cake of course.

The day was so fun but at the end of it we were all completely exhausted. It has been well into the 90's for the past few weeks and I am over it.

This weekend we are supposed to have temperatures closer to normal for the beginning of June and I am looking forward to it. Today is already a bit less humid and tomorrow should be nicer. To that I am very thankful because my mom is throwing me a family baby shower tomorrow and it is going to be outside.
Other than the heat I am still feeling good with this pregnancy. If my feet weren't swelling so bad I wouldn't mind one bit. Only 6 short weeks until baby girl makes her arrival (or sooner). I am busy getting things ready for her and slowly but surely everything is coming together. Today I am switching all the closets around so she will finally have a closet I can hang all her adorable clothes in. Hopefully we will be done with the nursery this time next week.
That's it for now. Hopefully I can post some pictures of the nursery soon.