Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Evan's Big Boy Room

We spent yesterday painting and setting up Evan's new big boy room. I say we but seriously, Todd did 100% of the work.
Unless you count Evan helping a little.

When it was all done I think it turned out really cute. The paint is drying on the letters of his name that will go one one of the walls, other than that this is it. Pretty simple.

Pretty much all Evan wants to do is jump on the bed.
He has no problem climbing in.

I think he likes it.

Now we will see how it goes when we ask him to sleep in it!
And just because I think she is cute - here is Lilly after her spa day at the groomers while we painted.

And also - a sneak peak of baby girl's room, we got her bedding on Monday. I love it!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Sale

I was one week away from finding out the gender when my favorite semi-annual consignment sale opened it's doors. I was a little disappointed when my doctor said it was best to wait until 19 weeks to get the ultrasound. It's probably for the best because I most likely would've bought way more clothes than we needed for baby girl.
So I concentrated my efforts on Evan's clothes. And I got some good stuff. But in my opinion the clothes just aren't as good at his age because an active toddler will wear stuff out!
The shirts. As always, far too many but as I see it for less than $3 each and as messy as little boys are I'm sure I'll get my money's worth.
And the shorts.

And today I visited another consignment sale that I usually don't find much at. But surprisingly I was able to get baby girl some pretty adorable stuff. Actually it's pretty hard to make something for a newborn that isn't adorable.

My favorites.

And I even got her some stuff for next summer.
All in all I think I did very well again this year.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's a GIRL!!!

We were beyond beyond beyond excited to find out we are having a girl. I had told myself so many times that this one would most likely be a boy I really was in shock when the ultrasound tech told us she was a girl. It's always an anxious moment but it seemed to take forever for her to announce it. But I guess with girls they want to get a good look and make sure they are correct.
I'm 20 weeks now - halfway there! I couldn't wait until this week but now I want the next 20 weeks to slow way down. We have so much to do to prepare for our little lady it seems overwhelming and I'm sure we won't be able to get it all done. I know the important things to get done and they are at the top of my list but there are a lot of things I want done for my own peace of mind. One being a ton of organization. Our storage room in the basement looks organized because everything is in totes but I know that in those totes are tons of stuff we need to get rid of to make more space. Since I won't be using all of Evan's baby clothes on this baby they will need to be put up until either I decide to sell them or if I happen to have another boy if we decide to have another. We need space! And I'm ready to tackle it.
I've only been shopping a couple of times since we found out the gender and I've been surprisingly strong when it comes to getting her clothes. I did buy her 4 newborn dresses as a start though. They were just too cute to pass up. I have a feeling I'll be saying that about a lot of things in the future.
I'm feeling great at week 20. I'm not as tired finally and the nausea has subsided, for the most part. Brushing my teeth in the morning still gets me every once in a while. With this pregnancy I have not given up caffeine. With Evan I was able to cut it out but this time has been so hard. I only have it two to three times a week and within the guidelines for pregnancy so I don't feel too guilty. I'm definitely showing now, and I have been for several weeks. It happened a lot sooner with this pregnancy but since it's my second I expected it. I've gained far less weight this time than last - I've gained 9 pounds so far.

Evan is still too little to understand our impending arrival. Hopefully by July he will grasp that he will be sharing us with a new tiny person. We plan to move him to his big boy bed in the next few months and I am extremely nervous about that. Hopefully he take the change well.
He is so much fun these days. So sweet and just hilarious. He will imitate anything we do - the funniest is his dance moves. He makes me laugh so hard, I love it.
He's still the greatest eater. Never met a vegetable or fruit he didn't like. He cleans his plate nearly every night (well, what doesn't end up on the floor for Lilly). He doesn't want us to feed him as much so it has been a messy few months. He will get the hang of it though - practice makes perfect!
He is going to make a great big brother to his little sister and I can't wait to see it. But seriously, time sloooooow down - I have much to do!