Saturday, December 31, 2011

Random Notes

I just have some random updates and things I'd like to remember so please excuse this post of randomness.
Erin is oh so close to rolling over. She can go from tummy to back but she hasn't figure out how to get her shoulder underneath her when trying to roll from back to tummy. She is very close though and I see it happening in the next few days.
She's still an awesome sleeper with about 3-4 naps a day and 12 hours per night. Her naps can be short sometimes, only 45 minutes to an hour but I don't mind so much.
We put her in the jumperoo today for the first time and she love's it! She also still loves the exersaucer.
I think we established that Evan's favorite toy for Christmas was his tractor from his Uncle Eric. Pure joy!

Evan has slept the past two nights in his big boy firetruck bed. We thought maybe it would help eliminate some of his bedtime issues. It really hasn't. The boy just does not want to go to bed. No matter what time, where, with who - it doesn't matter. He screams and fights it for as long as he can stay awake. He only gives in to sleep once he's exhausted himself. He is still having night terrors a couple nights a week, usually depending on how late he forces himself to stay awake. It's very frustrating but we are still hopeful he will get use to his bedtime routine and just ease into bedtime. REALLY hoping it's soon.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas to All!

We had a great Christmas.
It was an early start because my brother had to work later in the day but it worked out. Evan and Erin had a lot of fun opening their gift. Surprisingly Erin was really into it!

Socks, nom nom nom.

She did really good ripping the wrapping paper.

I think everyone got everything they wanted, Evan got lots of Toy Story stuff, trucks and a giant train set!
I got what I really wanted, a necklace I've been stalking for quite a while. Todd got some points for this one!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Erin is 5 Months

My little biscuit is growing fast! Here are a few recent pics. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

'Tis the Season

I am loving this Christmas season! Usually this time of year is very stressful and I'm always way too busy to notice all the wonderful Christmasy things going on around me. Well this year I took steps to make sure we all have a non-stressmas! I finished up all my shopping in the first week of December, so my usual procrastinating self wouldn't be worried about buying gifts the whole month of December!
It has been so amazing to see everything this holiday season through Evan's eyes. Last year he was still too little to understand certain things but this year he is really really into it.
He loved putting the lights up outside with daddy. He was a big helper.
He also loved trimming the tree, which took a couple of days but I mainly just let him do it by himself. Of course we strung the lights and put the ornaments up high but other than that it was all Evan.
We went and saw Santa which was a big thrill for Evan. We waited in line for about an hour and coached Evan a little on what to do when he saw the big man. I knew he'd clam up because he is so shy but to my surprise when we arrived in Santa's workshop he saw Santa and immediately blurted "choo choo". Then he went mute again but at least he told Santa what he wanted.
Riding the carousel at Bass Pro Shop.
A few days ago we went to a Christmas light show. It was pretty neat (although way overpriced) and Evan really liked all the colors and lights. Erin actually enjoyed it too.
Putting his name on the nice list.

Also at the light show he was able to write a letter to Santa. He really thought this was neat.
At his daycare they have been doing lots of Christmas activities as well. He was so proud of his gingerbread man.
Of course Erin has been enjoying all these things right along with Evan but she a wee bit little to have the real fun. 
In line to see Santa.
Christmas is one week away and I am beyond excited. I love starting new traditions with my family and it makes me appreciate the season so much more.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Erin is 4 Months

Erin is doing great!!!
At her 4 month appointment she weighed 14 pounds 2 ounces and was 25 inches long, both the 50th percentile. She is now in the 75th percentile for her head size, was the 90th percentile.
She and I are sharing a nice head cold right now but she is handling it pretty good. Last night she did wake up at about 3am and wanted a bottle, she hasn't done that in over a month. She is just like her big brother was at this age when it comes to sleeping. I'm still doing the dream feed at 10:30 to get her to sleep all night though. I was scared to drop it with Evan and I honestly can't remember how long I kept giving it to him. I would like to go to bed earlier some night but it really doesn't bother me, I actually enjoy the quiet peacefulness of it.
Anyway - I picked her up at daycare yesterday and she was in an exersaucer, so I busted out the one my sister in law gave me and she loves it.
But I think they heavy cheeks drag her head down after a while. (Couldn't you just eat them up!?)

That's all for now, I hear a certain toddler that refuses to nap calling my name. Ugh.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh My Goodness

This week has been much better! I think Evan is settling in better with his bedtime routine and starting to have less tantrums. He is getting enough rest therefore isn't quite as cranky. Oh he still has his moments but it's a definite improvement. 
And for some unknown reason it seems like he's has grown about 5 feet in the past few weeks. He just walked into a room yesterday and I was struck by how tall he looked. Tonight we were laying on the couch talking and he is getting so good at conversation. I get a lot of "I don't know's" when I ask him questions but more and more he is able to tell me about his day. And he tells me what he likes and what he doesn't. 
He really likes The Lion King right now. He still asks to watch Toy Story 3 everyday but occasionally we get The Lion King thrown in there. Usually we oblige him because he will watch for about 15-20 minutes and then be ready to shut it off and play. 
He also really like riding in "daddy's big truck". It's one of his favorite things. And of course Papaws tractor is still the best. 
He no longer answers with an "uh huh" his new thing is "yeah". Still not the "yes mommy" we have been working on but it'll do. He's begun mimicking some expressions I make it and it is hilarious. I always say "oh hey thanks" when someone gets me something and hearing it out of his little mouth NEVER stops being funny. And his excited "oh my goodness" just delights me in every way. 
I could go on and on about the things he says that make me laugh but for now I need to sleep. Erin has a cold and I have a feeling tonight may be a long one. I need to post about her 4 month stats soon. She is growing up so fast!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Lot to be Thankful For

I know my post yesterday was a little down but I have so much to be thankful for. As difficult as Evan is being right now he really does make up for it with his sweetness. It seems like I tell him he is adorable about 20 times a day for all the things he says and does. And he is so kind and sweet to Erin. It just melts my heart.
Today and yesterday we did a lot of coloring and painting to keep busy. I haven't had both kids at home by myself for consecutive days since maternity leave, so I knew Evan would get bored real quick if I didn't have him some stuff to go.
Lots of coloring.
And he got to paint for the first time (at home anyway). He painted this tractor for papaw.
And this cute little cow for mamaw. I love his little determined face and the concentration (see the tongue sticking out?)
And I am so thankful for Erin. My sweet sweet Erin. She is still the BEST baby.
She still rarely cries, although she has started to get a little fussy when I put her down for a nap. I think she is realizing she might miss something when she naps. I'd say at most she cries for about 2 minutes and then gives into her nap.
She still hates tummy time but she is getting a little better and will tolerate it a little longer.

I feel like Erin is getting a raw deal lately because we have to spend so much time and attention on Evan.
I wish I could get more one on one time with her, I love to snuggle her and smell her sweet baby head. She loves to be held and really loves to sit anywhere or do anything. Have I mentioned she is awesome? And when I put her in this little dress and tights on Thanksgiving I have to admit, I got all emotional. I just adore my little girl!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Terrible Two's and Terrors

I will not sugar coat it. Two is pretty terrible right now. I use this blog more as a way to remember all the little bits of our lives that we may inevitably forget some day. I already look back on it when I can't remember when Evan hit his milestones and always find my answer.
Well at 2 years and 5 months Evan is a tantrum throwing toddler and he is driving his mama crazy. It's really nothing I can't handle during the day. I can take the tantrums that he throws over being told he can't wash his hands for 30 minutes, or drive the car home, the list goes on. What I can't handle are the tantrums he has when I wake him up in the morning or when I put him to bed at night. For two years and 4 months Evan was the BEST sleeper. Sleeping 12 hours a night and a problem free 3 hour nap per day. Well ever since the big pacifier take away that went out the window. He refuses to settle down for a nap or go to bed when he is told. Most of the time it's fits of screaming, flailing, screaming, moaning and did I mention screaming?  And in the morning he is so tired from fighting sleep the night before that when I have to get him up to get him ready for daycare he is not having any of it. He fights every step of the way, diaper change, changing his clothes and all the way to the car seat. But hopefully we might have solved this little issue because a friend suggested we play a movie to distract him while I get him ready. I tried it Wednesday and it worked like a charm!(thanks Jennie!) We'll see if it works on Monday when I got back to work, fingers crossed.
So sleep issues are really prominent in our lives right now. Tantrums and fits don't really worry me though.
But the thing that concerns me the most is the night terrors.
Ever since Evan was about a year old he has had night terrors. For the longest time we didn't know what was wrong with him when he would wake up in the middle of the night screaming. It was as if he was in a zombie trance, still sleeping but screaming his head off and thrashing around in his crib. This happened about once a month so we did some research and consulted our pediatrician. The trigger for his night terrors is almost always lack of sleep. If he misses his nap or goes to bed really late we can almost always count on a 2am night terror. And they are so hard to watch. They can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Most research I've done says to just stay with him and make sure he doesn't hurt himself. They recommend you do not try and wake the child up. But on a few occasions (only after more than 30 minutes of screaming) we have taken Evan outside and usually that will wake him up and he snaps right out of it like nothing happened. Some nights nothing works and I just have to sit and listen to his horrible screams - I always feel so helpless and more often than not sit next to his crib and cry right along with him.
When he turned two we didn't see a night terror until we took his pacifier away. Without that to soothe him to sleep he has missed many naps and bedtimes. And in the past two weeks he has had one almost every night. I have no idea what to do. I've tried modifying his bedtime but no matter how early (or late) I put him down he is defiant and will not sleep until he has exhausted himself by screaming and crying.
All that said today has been an exception. He quietly went down for his nap and take his normal 3 hours and I had to wake him up. He was in a great mood when he woke up and we only had one small tantrum tonight - pretty good considering some nights he can have 4 or 5. And we just put him down for the night and no screaming yet. He did have us go through a 20 minute ordeal before he would go in his crib. I asked him why he didn't want to go night night, I asked if he was scared and he said yes. I said what are you scared of and he pointed to the window and said "outside". So I asked if he would feel safe if we covered the windows with blankets and that seemed to make him happy. I really hope we are turning a corner here and these sleep issues will be gone soon. It's so draining both physically and emotionally.

Friday, November 4, 2011

He May Look Sweet and Innocent

This boy is testing the very limits of my sanity. The tantrums have been in full force since we took his pacifier away. Is it related? I'm not sure, it doesn't seem like it should be since he only took his pacifier at naps and bedtime. It could be he doesn't rest as well now and he is more grouchy. I sure hope it's a phase. A very short one.
A typical tantrum from Evan can last anywhere from 15-30 minutes. No amount of reasoning will snap him out of it. He just has to cry it out until he decides he's done throwing a fit. His triggers seem to be anything we tell him he can't do. And also naptime and bedtime. Some nights bedtime is fine, he lays down and goes right to sleep. But others he cries and cries until he finally falls asleep, exhausted I'm sure. I try and tell myself he's two and a half and it won't be like this for long, it's so hard for me though. He screams and screams and there's no consoling him.
The worst is getting him ready in the morning. He is NOT a morning person. I try and wake him up at least 20 minutes before I have to get him dressed but he doesn't usually budge. I have to physically pick his limp body out of his crib and put him on the changing table. That's usually when he wakes up and a full on struggle ensues. Thrashing and kicking he does not want his diaper changed or to get dressed. Then I have the task of getting him into the carseat while he's stiff as a board and refusing to bend. All really fun at 6:30am with a 4 month old to think about as well. Thank goodness Erin is such a good baby or I would have gone crazy long ago.
Now don't get me wrong, the tantrums are a pretty small part of our day. He is still the sweet good natured boy he has always been but sometimes his crazy tantrum side decides to show up.
It's been a challenging couple of weeks. It's hard to know how long it will last. Most people with two year olds have told me to "get use to it". Sounds fun.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Busy Season

Seems like at the end of every October I sit down to blog and I can't believe how much stuff went on. So here is my super deluxe long post of all things October.
First, the annual trip to the pumpkin patch. It was a lot of fun this year since Evan is tractor crazy and he was very excited about the tractor ride.
Of course once on he just stares in awe of the big tractors here and there. He was all about finding the perfect pumpkin.

Careful not to drop that cookie from Grandma though. We found an acceptable one and headed back in.

And honestly, it's all about the tractor ride anyway. Erin was pretty indifferent to the whole thing, she slept the entire time.
Next up Evan had his first official pony ride at a fall festival. I thought we might have a repeat of last years freak out but he did great - he even went off by himself at first but it made us all really nervous so Todd ended up walking alongside him.
 We had a couple opportunities to put the kids in their costumes already and it isn't even Halloween yet. Here are a few pics of the cuteness, we went to trick or treating at a local shopping center and also at the zoo - both times Evan had so much fun, and Erin of course just looked adorable.
My little firefighter -

And my little kitten -

I have plenty more to blog but it looks like mommy is needed in several capacities so it'll have to wait!