Tuesday, December 31, 2013

22 Weeks and an Evil Left Foot

To say this pregnancy is flying by would be a huge understatement. I can't believe I'm already 22 weeks. Babies are roughly a pound each and doing great. At the last ultrasound about 2 weeks ago they were both breach but they can still spin around at this point.
Here are their little heads. They are just chatting with each other.
Baby A (boy).
Baby B (girl)
We are still working on names with a few that we both actually like, progress!
As far as pregnancy goes I'm feeling pretty good. Sleeping hasn't been too bad since I learned I could sleep sitting up if I have roughly 85 pillows supporting me. Heartburn is tolerable and my ankles swelling isn't too bad yet.
Which leads me to my left foot. My evil left foot. I started feeling some twinges of pain a few weeks ago. It would come and go and would usually just happen when I first stood up and I would feel an intense pain with my first few steps. It remained tolerable for a while but a couple of days before Christmas it got bad and was beginning to be pretty constant. Christmas Day I was in a lot of pain and needed to sit down and take my weight off of it completely numerous times. The day after Christmas I went to urgent care after work, I had a feeling it was only going to get worse and I needed to find out what to do to get better. The doctor didn't seem to think it was a strain or stress fracture so he did some blood work to find out if it was arthritis or something like gout. So then began my 3 days of excruciating pain and waiting. The labs were due in on Monday and I just had to wait for a diagnosis or treatment plan. Friday was the worst. I can't even describe the pain. It was as if a truck was slowly running over my foot. I kept it elevated and tried to do as little as possible hoping it would help but nothing did. The more I read about gout the more it sounded like my symptoms so I started eating things used to treat gout (cherries, pineapple) and trying to find anything online I could to help me. By Monday morning I was ready for answers so I called the urgent care first thing in the morning and they said the lab work came back normal, no high levels of uric acid or any signs of arthritis. I was glad it wasn't gout or anything like that but I wasn't any closer to treating the pain. So I asked around at work and someone recommended a podiatrist I could go see. And luckily they got me in with a couple of hours! The doctor was great and after listening to my symptoms and looking at my foot and finding where the pain was located she diagnosed me with plantars faciitus. She said some daily exercises (foot stretches) and I need to wear a brace for a couple of weeks it should be healed up in a couple of weeks. I was so thrilled to have a treatment plan and direction on what I should do to make it better. I went back to work and started the foot stretches and it felt better within hours! Yay! So this was yesterday and today I'm able to walk without a limp. I still have some pain but NOTHING like last weekend. Thank goodness!
So that's about all for now. My next OB appointment is in two weeks and hopefully we'll get another look at our babies as they continue to grow.

Christmas Time 2013

We've had a lot going on lately. The Christmas season had us busy busy and I loved every minute of it (ok, maybe not the shopping crowds). We had so much fun making cookies and doing all things Christmasy. I'll let the pictures say the rest, I just love this time of year!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl

We found out a couple weeks ago that the we are having a boy and a girl! It is so exciting and just perfect. It's funny because Evan seemed to know all along. We would ask him what he thinks they are and he would say a boy and a girl. He even named them, the boy is Swimmy and the girl is Rattaley. He's so funny. And until Todd and I can agree on some names that is what we are calling them.
At the ultrasound I was 17w6d and they are measuring 7 ounces each and are looking great. I have another Level 2 on Monday because they couldn't quite get all the angles of the heart they wanted. Now that we know the genders the fun really starts. But we are really at a standstill now until after Christmas. Then we will work on rearranging rooms and going through all the baby stuff I have in totes downstairs, a very daunting task. I'm feeling much better lately, not really nauseous in the mornings anymore and have gotten some of my energy back, thank goodness! I've been feeling some kicks for a couple weeks now and I love it.
And Christmas is approaching fast! I finally finished my shopping yesterday and I couldn't be more excited for Christmas morning.
Here are a few photos from trimming the tree and making a gingerbread house.

Isn't it magnificent!? It lasted about an hour before it fell apart. It was not structural sound enough for all that candy. 
At the beginning of this month we had a pretty decent snow, maybe 6 inches or so. The kids had an absolute blast. The would've stayed out there all day if we would've let them, but with the snow came temperatures in the twenties so we had to drag them kicking and screaming back in.

Well there's about a million other things I need to blog but that's all I have time for tonight, we are getting ready to make Christmas cookies, weeee!