Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had a very wonderful Christmas. Both the kids are at such great ages, everything is new and wonderful in their eyes.
Evan made cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. He was very proud of himself.
Christmas morning they were delighted to see a new kitchen, grill and a bike on front of the tree.
But one of the first things Evan said was "Santa ate ALL the cookies!!"

I thought this was adorable. He made a pretend phone call to his friend Colin to tell him he got a bike from Santa.

Erin was pretty into the unwrapping and loved everything she got. She got a my Little Pony from Evan. He picked it out for her.

After all was said and done the kids were very happy and played all morning. I loved having a lot of time this year to play before we went to my moms.
I think this was Erin's favorite gift. She vacuumed for quite a while.
And what Christmas morning would complete without some cupcakes?
Just a great day. I'd love to do it all over again.

Photo Book

This is the photo book I made the grandma's. I love it so much I thought I would share it.

Click here to view this photo book larger
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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Evan's Christmas Program

Evan did great in his first Christmas program at his preschool. I think these videos are pretty funny. He was distracted by the drums (?) behind him but I think he did excellent.
If you have trouble spotting him he is on the back row second from the left.
Evan Program 1 from Kelly Marsh on Vimeo.
Evan Program 2 from Kelly Marsh on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All is Merry & Bright

Christmas is coming! I couldn't be more excited this year. Just going out and getting a tree was super fun with the kids. Evan is especially excited about all things Christmas. We went to a local tree farm and cut down the tree ourselves. This was the first year we have done that and I think this will be a family tradition. The kids loved it and so did we. 
And can I just say I love my camera. These pics were taken about 10 minutes before it was complete darkness so the fact that I got any images without a flash is amazing. 
Tractor ride. 

Tough decision. But we absolutely let him pick it out, even though we were afraid it would be too big or too small. He picked one that was perfect.

Just carrying a baby and a hacksaw. Nothing to see here. 
I only got a couple more pics after they chopped it down but even with a fast lens zero light = can't see anything. 
Trimming the tree was very exciting for both kids. All my ornaments are shatterproof so do not be alarmed by the images that follow. 
First up, lights!
Then dump out all the ornaments, kick them around the room, have carrying contest, make snow angels in them and eventually put them on the tree. 

I'm about 90% done with my Christmas shopping and I'm so glad because it can be stressful. But now I can sit back, relax and enjoy the Holidays with these beautiful kids. I just love seeing things through their eyes, it's so amazing. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Erin is 15 Months

At Erin's 15 month checkup she was 21 pounds 14 ounces (30th percentile) and 30-1/2 inches long (50th percentile).
I'm still giving her a bottle before bedtime. She doesn't need it but I just haven't stopped giving it to her. It's purely selfish, I just love that sweet quiet time with her. Maybe just a couple more weeks :)
She's talking more, mostly mama, dada, juice, shoes and uh oh's. The obsession with shoes continues.
Not much else to report, she's growing up way too fast and time just needs to slow down a bit so I can catch up. I'm so not ready for her to not be a baby anymore.

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Post Where I Post a Bazillion Pictures!

So it's fall, my favorite time of year and it has been pretty gorgeous. The kids of mine have been keeping me busy so I haven't posted much. Not much going on, so I'm just going to post some pics of these growing kids.
Erin is such and awesome girl. Seriously I love her attitude. She reminds me a lot of me. Sometimes she  can just give someone a look and it's almost as if she is saying "why are you trying to mess with me, I am not down with that". She's hysterical with her giggles, loud screeches and her obsessive love of shoes. If she sees a pair of shoes that are hers, she must wear them. If she sees a pair of shoes that are yours YOU must wear them. Erin thinks being barefoot is unacceptable.

Evan continues to amaze me with all he is learning. Every day he says something that surprises me and I can't believe he's growing into such a little man. He's been doing a lot better with his tantrums but he still has his moments. He still loves Toy Story but most often he asks to watch Little Einsteins or Jake and the Neverland Pirates. He's actually going to be a pirate for Halloween and I'm excited to see him all dressed up.

I'm feeling so blessed right now. As crazy as it can be with these two little ones I try and stop and remember how quickly these years are passing by. I love both their ages right now, they both make me feel like the luckiest mama in the world.

Hee hee, what is Erin thinking in this picture?