Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Helmet Remains

We went for Wes' final (or so we thought) head scan so we could finally be done with the helmet. Well he has had a lot of improvement but there is still a little more room for more. He was at 13mm and now he is at 8mm. 6mm would be ideal so we agreed to go one more month. I was not happy but we've come this far why not stick it out just a little longer.
Other than that not much else to report. We've been busy busy. Evan has been playing basketball again this year and the season is almost over. Erin is still in dance and will be until the end of May. And between school and work it's just a whirlwind!  We're keeping it together though and I can honestly say we are doing great. I've taken this week off work just to play a little catch up. There is a consignment sale coming up and I really REALLY need to do a toy purge. So that's on my agenda this week, as well as as many baby snuggles as I can manage. It's been pretty eye opening. Obviously I'm with the kids by myself quite often but staying home with them everyday would be a whole different story. One minute I would swear I got this and the next I'm screaming "I could never be a stay at home mom!!". The jury is still out but I've mostly loved this time with them. I think a mix would be perfect, work part time maybe? Lots of thinking to be done.

And this latest development has been interesting. They are pulling up, on EVERYTHING! Slow down babies, slow down.
Naps are super fun now, since they haven't figured out how to sit back down. Yeesh.

Sorry for all the phone photos, I need to make more of an effort to get out the big camera every once in a while!