Monday, June 3, 2013

Evan is 4!

It's really unbelievable that he is already four! He's grown up so much in just the past few months. He really is the sweetest kid. He tell me he loves me at least ten times a day, and he doesn't even want anything! I know that will change so my heart swells with every single I love you :)
He's energetic when he wants to be but he's still pretty laid back. He loves watching movies and recently I took him to see his first movie at the theater and he loved it! He did so well and sat through the whole thing. We'll definitely be making repeat trips to the theater this summer.
His favorite things right now are TMNT and Dinosaur Train.
We had a pretty relaxing birthday today. A few presents and some cake and ice cream. Evan loved all his gifts.
Here Evan is showing Erin how to use a Ninja Turtle sword.
She gave up and combed her ponies hair ;)
We let Evan pick out his cake this year and while I found it hideous, he loved it.
Happy Birthday Evan!