Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas 2015

Prepare for a million pictures!
I'm not going to break this up into many posts, no time for that! Christmas was kind of a blur but this year I really really enjoyed it. I didn't stress myself out too bad about making sure I crossed everything off my to do list and magically we did everything we wanted to do!
Trim the tree.

Gingerbread house.

Cookies for Santa.

Nutcracker with Erin. She loved the show this year. We made it to the last dance before she was ready to leave. So close! :)

Twas the night before.

Christmas morning.

Such a great Christmas!!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Erin Christmas Program 2015

When we got to the church this morning to watch Erin's Christmas program my friend who works at the Preschool showed me a sneak peak of rehearsal the other day. See a super excited singer in the middle wearing purple. That's my girl.
Erin Christmas program 1 from Kelly Marsh on Vimeo.

She toned it down just a bit for the actual performance but she still did amazing. I enjoyed watching her sing and dance so much. Seriously, she is so stinking cute!
Erin Christmas program 2 from Kelly Marsh on Vimeo.

I think some of the other kids pretending to hold microphones too but I can't be sure, I couldn't take my eyes off her!
Erin Christmas program 3 from Kelly Marsh on Vimeo.

And just because this post is all about Erin's fabulousness here she is last night. Just because she felt like dancing. I love her little self soooooo much!!!

Moves. from Kelly Marsh on Vimeo.