Friday, March 30, 2012

Ooh Ooh Witchy Woman

Miss Erin has a witching hour. BOY does she have a witching hour. From 5:30 to 6:30 she's a total fuss machine. And sadly, that's when I get to see her most on the days that I work. She's completely clingy and bores very easily. It's a long hour believe me. It was the same with Evan, it was always a tough transition from daycare to home and I suspect Erin will not be much different. Evan still has a rough time on some days but most of the time he's happy to be home and ride his tractor outside with daddy. That usually gives me a chance to give Erin all the attention she needs. And I don't mind a little fussing at all - I mean look at this little face.
And I'm loving more and more the way Evan is with her. Knock on wood but I don't think he has been jealous of her a day in his life. He is so sweet with her and tries to make her laugh when she is crying. He is the sweetest boy. It makes me smile when he will say "it's ok baby" or "we're almost home baby sister". Love it so.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Erin is 8 Months

Or maybe I should say, 4 more months and she is 1. And that to me is crazytown! She's so squishy, sweet and adorable right now. I just love all her little expression and babbles.
She still has crazy eyes every once in a while.
I know I'm a broken record but I ADORE this girl.
As for Evan I'm sure the 2 people that read this blog wonder why I don't post many pictures of him anymore. The boy is in constant motion.

And if I bust out the camera I get hands over face immediately. He's finally onto me. Sometimes after several minutes I can usually sneak up on him and snap one where I can see his face but it's rare.
He spent his first night in something like 6 months in the fire truck bed last night. Silly boy has been happy as could be just sleeping on the mattress on the floor. But finally last night he asked to sleep in his bed. I was thrilled. And he's asleep there now so hopefully no more floor. We are having some old issues creep back up at bedtime. Seems like for a while it wasn't too much of a fight to get him to bed but the past week he has really been fighting it. I have to be more rigid with the bedtime routine but summer is so difficult to get him inside when it's still daylight outside. We are working on it, I have two sides tugging at me - one being the one who has to wake him up every morning and deal with the beast he is after not getting enough sleep and the other being the mom who just wants to see him have fun and play outside while the weather is nice. It is to be determined which side will win out. Probably the practical mean mommy side that says bedtime at 7:30!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Swinging, Swinging

I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time at the swing set this summer. After a pretty fussy morning we put Erin in her new swing for the first time and she loved it.
I think we were out there for about an hour and she just relaxed and enjoyed the ride. She's just like her brother when it comes to being outside, it just instantly calms both of them.
And even Lilly found a nice shady spot to rest.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Zoo Fun!

Spring is in the air! And thank goodness, I was going pretty stir crazy and so were the kids.  My friends and I got all our kids together and went to the zoo last weekend. It was so fun. We had TEN kids altogether! But they were all so well behaved it was so great.
My two were angels and I was grateful since Todd had to work. Erin was a smiley happy girl all day and eventually fell asleep. I don't remember her fussing once, I think she was just happy to be outside.
Evan was very into the animals this time. He was so excited to see everything.
He really liked the snakes and watched one in the Herpaquarium for what seemed like forever, probably because it made my skin crawl to watch it slither around. EW.
Erin wasn't really interested in the animals but she certainly enjoyed watching all the other kids.
It was such a gorgeous day that almost all of us forgot sunscreen and all the kids got a bit rosy. Not sure if Erin's was the sun or wind burn but her cheeks were pink pink!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Once again at the kids clothes consignment sale I was out of control. I need an intervention it seems. I can't pass up a good deal which is evident in this post. Nothing I bought was over $4 including the 2 piece outfits.
First up Evan's loot. Todd went with me and did the majority of the shopping for Evan's clothes. He did great! Thank goodness he was there because it took me about 4 hours just to go through Erin's size, sort and check out.
Anyway - the shirts. (By the way, I apologize for the quality of these pics, I had to do them in a hurry while Evan was distracted. His favorite thing to do is throw clothes in the air after I have folded or sorted them).
Lots of stripes.
Outfits bought together.
And PJ's, love the robots.
Now is where my insanity begins. Erin's stuff. Now some of these things will fit her in the fall and maybe even some next summer. She has been running big in her clothes so I bought some things a little bigger.
Outfits bought together. Again, nothing over $4.
More outfits.
Dressy dresses.
Shorts (I know, out of control).
Pants, capris and jeans and the cutest little fall jacket ($3.50!)
And lastly pj's.
So that's it. Do you think they need more? :)