Thursday, March 27, 2014

34 Weeks

Just a quick update, had an ultrasound and doctors appointment on Monday and everything is still looking good. No measurement on the babies because they did that last week but I got some pictures this time. It's getting a little cramped in there so the farther I get along the harder it will be to see them clearly.
Audrey is still breech so here is a shot of both their bellies side by side. So round and cute already :)
And here is Wesley's profile. It almost looked like he was sucking his thumb but we weren't sure.
My doctor is heading to Mexico Saturday for a week so she told me I needed to behave and I plan on listening to her! Just one week and 3 days until I'm 36 weeks and that was my ultimate goal. I CAN do it!!! She said if I'm still pregnant when she gets back we will schedule my c-secion for April 21st! So exciting!
Four hour days at work are actually working out pretty good. I get 2-3 hours rest per day while the kids are at daycare and I think it's pretty fabulous. I'm really appreciating the quiet and downtime while I can.
And here is a 34 week belly pic of me, I hate any pictures of myself but I guess I'll look back someday and wish I had a preggo picture of myself with the twins.

In other news Evan started T-ball practice. He's super excited to play and has a lot of fun at practice. His first game is next Saturday and I'm so excited to see him play!
That's about it for now, exciting month coming up - April is going to be huge!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

33 Weeks and Doing Great

Went in yesterday for an ultrasound and a checkup with my doctor. This was my last visit with Maternal Fetal Medicine. They measured the twins at about 4 pounds 7 ounces each. Wesley is still head down and Audrey is breech and at this point she probably won't move to head down. I will now be getting weekly biophysical ultrasounds where they will check for practice breaths and kicks from the twins. I'm excited to see them every week.
At my doctors appointment she checked my cervix and she said Wesley was a little lower and most likely was at a lower station so she wanted me to decrease work. So I'm on half days at work for at least a week and we will revisit next Monday at my appointment. We talked about the birth which she said if all is well could be as early as 37 weeks (which is 4 weeks away!!!) but definitely at 38 weeks we would have some babies. Very exciting. The plan is to schedule a c-section since Audrey is breech. She said that will be the safest way so I'm all for it. A c-section is pretty scary since I haven't had one before but I'm trying not to think about it too much, as long as they get her healthy and safe that is all that matters.
That's about all I have for now and since the babies didn't cooperate at the ultrasound and I didn't get pictures of them here are a couple of my cuties who are getting so big I can hardly believe it.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

That Time of Year Again

It's no secret I love me some kids consignment sales. This Spring season I tried to reel it in a little bit...yea, failed. But I as always got some great deals and spent an average of $2 per item so I think I did alright.
First up, Erins. Her cute t-shirts.
Shorts, pants, odds & ends. 
Skirts and dresses.
I'll be honest, not quite as fun, Evans t-shirts. 
I didn't get him any shorts, I just couldn't find the deals on those, I think he can wear a lot from last summer though. 
I tried to ignore the 0-6 month sections for the twins since they don't really need anything. Yea, failed. 
Swimmy's (Wesley) - notice the Bills onesie in the back!? A rare find! 
Rattleys (Audreys)
I love the little dress in the front left. So sweet. 
So that's it for this seasons sale. I will say it took it's toll. Todd was able to come help me check out and haul my two(!) baskets around so I didn't have to do much heavy lifting but last night I had roughly seven Braxton Hicks contractions in an hour. My doctor had advised anything more than two in an hour to give her a call. So I called and she advised I needed to drink a big glass of water an lay down. So I did and they settled down about an hour later and I haven't had one since. So maybe just my body tell me to ease up a bit on the shopping. I had an appointment this morning and my cervix is still closed so all is well. Audrey is breech again (stinker) and Wesley is head down. I have an ultrasound and my next doctors appointment on March 17th (St. Patricks Day). I can't wait to see how much they've grown. Slightly over 6 weeks until they are here. Crazy!!!