Sunday, February 20, 2011

Monkey See

At almost 21 months Evan is talking a lot more. He picks up on every word we say and tries to repeat it - I find it to be so funny and amazing at the same time. He's still not saying a whole lot of two word phrases but I'm not too worried. He did say "love lou" this morning after I asked him if he could say it. My heart just melts.
Not only does he mimic what we say but almost everything we do he tries to reenact. It may seem silly but just this morning when I was flipping through the newspaper I would sometimes lick my index finger to turn a page. I looked over at Evan and he was doing the same thing! Hysterical.
He is all about cleaning right now. It's hard to get any housework done since I have to share the vacuum/broom/swiffer with him.
He even wants to use a sweeper outside.
More than anything he tries to repeat what daddy does. It's makes me so over the moon so see how much this boy loves his daddy. Anything Todd tries to do Evan is right by his side helping. A little landscaping? No problem.
He has changed so much in the past month it's hard to imagine all the things he will be doing next month. The time has gone so fast and I can't believe he will be two in a few months. And shortly after that he will have a little brother or sister.
We will find out the gender of our new edition March 1st. I'm so excited to find out so we can start the fun stuff! Decorating the room, organizing and shopping! It's going to be a long 8 days!