Monday, May 31, 2010


Finally got some footage of a few steps from little man. It's been hard to get video, I have to hide my camera now so he doesn't notice it. Otherwise he falls onto the floor into a fit because he knows he can't have it. That's the only thing he reacts that way to - hope it passes!
Anyway - here is my little walker.

Evan Walking from Kelly Marsh on Vimeo.

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fun filled Memorial Day weekend.
We visited Grandma Sherry at Huber's.
She was working hard sorting strawberries.
We got a flat and they were fantastic!
Evan was memorized by all the deliciousness in front of him.
After that we went to my families annual Memorial Day Party.
It was a lot of fun but soooo hot! The water table my mom got the kids was a big hit.

All Evan seemed to want to do was drink the water though.
Today is Monday and I got to sleep in till 10am!!! It was amazing. Todd is off today and he got up with Evan. I am so appreciative of the much needed rest.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Simplest Thing

It happened today. The moment I realized my sweet little baby is getting older. He is about two weeks away from being a toddler. It was a simple little thing. He was just pushing a little truck across the carpet. Like he has so many times. But this time was different. He made the noise. The brrrrrrrmmmmm noise. It seemed so silly that this would make me emotional but it did.

Truck from Kelly Marsh on Vimeo.

In other news, he took his first steps yesterday. It was just 3 or 4, and he hasn't done it since. I hope to get a few on video soon.
He also says mama and dada. I'm beginning to think he knows what dada means. Todd was mowing the grass and Evan kept seeing him out the window and he would yell dadadadadada over and over. Too cute.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Panama City Beach

Our trip to Florida was great. As I mentioned in the post before Evan was afraid of the sand but we made the best of it.
Our condo was awesome. We had everything we needed and the view was spectacular.

We had 2 beach chairs and an umbrella everyday with the beach service that came with the condo. Thank goodness for that since the pools were so freezing that we spent the majority of the time at the beach.
Evan got a lot of use out of the chairs since he didn't want to sit or stand in the sand.
We were able to get him to stand a little in it towards the end of the week.

The week went way to fast but it was just what we needed.
And I went through my pictures when we got home and realized I had far too many favorites to post them all, so I made a 3 minute slideshow instead. Enjoy!

Panama City Beach from Kelly Marsh on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Evan is 11 Months

I'm a about a week late in posting this but I wanted to get Evan's 11 month pictures at the beach. It did not go as planned. Evan hated the sand. He was terrified to sit in it. He warmed up slightly toward the end of the week but I still wasn't able to get him to sit down without a horrified look on his face.
I got these our first morning there - he was very hesitant to smile or relax.

Daddy can always get a smile from him though.

So sweet.

This was the face he made when we sat him in the sand. And he just made this please help me cry. It was just sad.
More pictures from the trip to come - as soon as I sort through the 500 I took.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

We went to a Louisville Bats game last night. My mother in law got us the tickets from her work and they were so great.
We had our own little suite and it was perfect for us since Evan is mobile now and he can't sit still for more than 2 minutes.
Evan seemed to have a great time - he loved it when everyone cheered, he got the biggest grin on his face.
Such a fun night and a great way for us to start our vacation. I can't wait to see my little baby on the beach - stay tuned for pictures!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Oaks

We went to the Kentucky Oaks yesterday. It was my first time at either Oaks or Derby. And living near Louisville that is just unheard of.

We went went some friends and had great seats. Todd was very serious with the wagering.
I just sat back and watched the people. And it was the greatest people watching! Such a diverse group of people.
It was beyond crowded. I heard the crowd was 116,000 strong, the largest Oaks crowd ever. It felt every bit of over 100,000. It took about a half an hour just to walk through the paddock, weaving through all the people. I've never seen Churchill Downs so packed.
Despite the crowd we had a great time. We only cashed one ticket but we were happy with that.
I snapped this picture as we were walking past the Jockeys quarters.
Kent Desormeaux
Today is Derby day and the forecast is calling for rain, rain, rain. I guarantee there will not be as many people at the track today.