Saturday, March 7, 2015

Some Snow Fun!

We got about 8 inches of snow on Monday and the kiddos had a blast playing in it. It makes the missing work, shoveling and overall inconvenience worth it! 

 Love his face!

Helmet is Gone!

Finally after 3-1/2 months it's gone!
We went for his two week follow up and he had a growth spurt. He was still at 8mm but I think it looks better than it did two weeks ago. I had decided before the appointment that we were pretty much done because his head looked so good. Turns out he had grown so much that he outgrew his helmet anyway so we could either purchase another helmet ($1500) and continue treatment for an unknown amount of time of we could be done. 
Here is a not so great before and after comparison. I wish I took a better before picture. Oh well. 
 After! There's still a slight flat spot on the left but only if you're really looking for it.
I'm so happy to finally be done with that and have this sweet little head back to smooch and nuzzle as  much as I want! Now maybe he'll get some hair!
The happiness I felt about the helmet situation was pretty short lived because that same day Audrey was diagnosed with RSV and and ear infection. Evan and Erin had both had colds earlier that week and a couple babies at daycare had RSV so as soon as her cough sounded bad I took her in. Sure enough. 

 So we did breathing treatments and and antibiotics and within a few days she was back to her old self though. I figured Wes would get it too but he managed to escape. He got a cold but the cough wasn't nearly as bad as Audrey's. I am so ready for Spring!!!!!!
I started trying to give the twins some solids - as in bits and pieces but Wes is not a fan. Audrey likes everything!
In speaking with Wes' physical therapist we thought it would be a good idea to have Wes evaluated. He's super sensitive to texture and seems to choke and gag on everything. He takes baby food just fine and he does well with puffs but so far he gags on banana, carrots and mandarin oranges. All the while Audrey gobbles them up with no issues. I know I shouldn't compare them too much but it worries me. 
OK, what else, hmmm. I have two very mobile cruisers. They are everywhere. 

 Naps are leveling out and they take two 2 hours naps per day.
 Love her wild hair!

 Audrey's obsession with Evan continues. I love that as well.
 All in all this year has been a complete blur and it's already March! I'm looking forward to Spring and getting out of this house!