Thursday, August 21, 2014

A & W Four Month Stats

Wesley is 15 pounds 2 ounces (50th percentile) and 24-3/4" (50th percentile). Audrey is 14 pounds 10 ounces (75th percentile) and 25 inches (75th percentile).
I thought for sure Wes was going to be close to a whole pound heavier than Audrey, not even close! Just 8 ounces, she seems so much smaller than him!
Our pediatrician recommended some physical therapy for Wes. He believes it will help with his neck control and range of movement so he won't favor that flat spot on his head so much. They are going to call with the referral on that. Other than that they look awesome and are perfect. Which I already knew.  

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wesley & Audrey are Four Months(!)

Whoa, whoa, whoa there little babies. This is COMPLETELY out of hand. Why are you intent on growing so fast when I specifically told you I needed you to knock it off! Stinkers!
As much as I don't miss the middle of the night feedings I already am missing the teenyness of a newborn. Especially teeny five pound newborns that I was blessed to bring home from the hospital with me. Don't get me wrong, I am LOVING the smiles and laughs and fat rolls on these now four month old babies but since they are my last babies it's bittersweet. I joked with my coworkers the other day that I want to volunteer at a hospital just to hold newborns. Little did they know I was not even remotely joking. I just love little bitties.
Anyway, moving on!
These little big babies are getting interested in everything in the world around them. Normally if Todd isn't available to help feed them I use two Boppy's and prop up their bottles with blankets. Well now that their little curious heads dash from left the right at a rapid pace just to see what's going on it's getting challenging. Just keeping me on my toes I guess, goodness knows it's not like I have to get myself of two other children ready in the mornings before we can leave.
We are working on Wes' head. Oh my goodness is he stubborn! He squirms out of everything! I bought him a little beanie hat that is supposed to help keep him of the flat side and he lays on it anyway. It cannot be comfortable but there he is, snoozing away. Grrr. We'll keep at it though, and the more time during the day he'll now spend in an exersaucer or bumbo will help tremendously. We hope. You can't tell by these pictures (I took them outside and he was unimpressed with the heat) but Wes is the smiliest boy! His gummy little smile just melts my heart.
Miss Audrey is divine. I mean, what can I say about her? She is perfect. Sleeps like a champ, rarely cries and is ridiculously cute.
I mean, look at her!!
Well that's all I have for tonight. Their four month checkup is Monday and I'll share their stats then. They both had specialists visits the past couple weeks and Wes was close to 15 pounds and Audrey was right at 14. We'll see what the official weigh in says on Monday. Until then - here are the loves of my life.

Erin's First Day of Preschool

 After much debate we decided to send Erin to preschool one day a week. We sent Evan at three so I felt that we needed to do the same for Erin. Really it's just a matter of scheduling that was keeping me from signing her up but my mom agreed to help pick her up.
She was too cute her first day, she seemed excited but when we got into the classroom she was nervous. I gave her a quick hug and told her goodbye, the teachers are great at distraction so I don't think she even noticed I left. Watching her through the hall window she stood there staring at another girl watching her play. I hope she joined right in after a few minutes. Her teacher said she had a good day and was well behaved, shew! I was nervous and I'm glad she did great. I'm sure she'll wait until week two or three to bring out the sass :)

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Little Murmur Update

We had a routine follow up on Audrey's heart murmur today. We met with the pediatric cardiologist that saw us in the hospital and I'm happy to say everything looks great. Really no change from when she was born, the hole is still there but it is very small. The murmur is also still present but it's not even caused by the hole, it is cause by strings (trabeculae carneae) in the heart that the blood is passing through causing turbulance. Totally harmless and therefore and "innocent" murmur.
As far as the hole (patent foramen ovale) it could still close up on it's own or she could have it forever. He wants to see us back in a year. It's great to know she is doing just fine!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Twins are 15 Weeks

My little twinies are doing great. Getting bigger and bigger everyday. Especially Wes, it's hard to tell until you lift one and then the other but Wes is considerably bigger than Audrey. You can kind of tell here.
He's a thick little man.
They are sleeping about 8-9 hours a night and are truly amazing babies. How did I get so lucky!? I've been afraid to say that but at this point with them consistently sleeping through the night since they were about 10 weeks I feel a little safer now. Evan and Erin were easy babies, so I figured the twins would be wild and crazy. They are so not! They may get a little fussy at around 7ish in the evening but other than that I don't hear them cry. Such sweethearts.

They are starting to notice each other more, well I notice that they notice, I'm sure they have always been aware of each other. Now they make each other smile and my heart proceeds to melt into a goopy mess.
Audrey is my little princess. She is petite and I love her little spiky hair. She smiles when I enter the room, what more do I need?
These cheeks!
Wes is just smiles for days. He loooves to be held. I have never held him and he's continued to cry, it's an instant mute button.
On Wednesday we went to the specialist for a consultation on his plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome). They looked at his scans and they said he was too young for the helmet therapy and they believe it could still be corrected through repositioning. So we are going to be SUPER vigilant about keeping him off that spot completely for the next three months. 
Happy no helmet!

The told us to go to a craft store and get some foam and cut it at a 45 degree angle and put it in his crib. Seems to work so far but it's just been for naps today.
Tonight I'm moving them into their room and out of the bassinets in my room. Sob! I'm way more sad than I should be but it's time. 
I can't believe my little babies are so dang big, time slow down!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Evan Goes to Kindergarten

As much as I tried to deny it was happening my little baby boy started Kindergarten last week. I actually handled it better than I thought I would. We got up bright and early so we could take him on his first day.

We got everyone ready and took A & W and Erin to daycare and that gave Evan the chance to see his friends on their first day as well. Excited boys!
We got to the school and headed to the gym where his class will assemble every morning. 
We gave hugs and kisses and he went to sit on the bleaches with his class. We slowly eased away and observed from a distance. Truth be told we were one of the last sets of parents to leave. He was excited but he also seemed a bit nervous. 
Eventually after the pledge and morning announcements they lined up and went to their classes. After he went to class we stayed and had some breakfast the PTO had set up for the kindergarten parents which was nice to commiserate with the other K parents. 
When Todd picked him up from school that day he said he had a good day, of course details were sketchy but that's to be expected. 
Day 2 it was time for the big bus ride. This was worse than the first day! His bus comes at 7:02am so we all were pretty tired out at the bus stop but the bus came right on schedule and Todd helped him onto the bus. 
I was actually fine up until this point, when Erin started balling. I don't think she really knew what was going on and where this big ole bus was taking "her Evan". So maybe I teared up a little bit while consoling her. 
Again on day 2 his details were non-existent but I started asking him some questions yesterday and got a few answers. Love this big boy and can't wait to hear more about what he is learning and watching him grow!