Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Erin is a Kindergartner! And Evan is a Second Grader!

Our summer was ridiculously short, school started on July 27th this year. Erin was excited to start Kindergarten. I'm SO glad, it made it so much easier!

Evan was pretty tired on the first day, man he made me work for that smile.

We decided to let Erin ride the bus on the first day, just so she wouldn't fall behind on the routine. It was SO hard to watch her get on that big ole bus. But she did great and (obviously) was so excited!

After the bus left I took the twins to daycare and made my way to school to see her on her first day. There were no tears (even from me!) and she looked very eager to start the day.
When she got home she said she had a great day and couldn't wait to go back. Yay!

Erin is Five

Oh this girl. Oh my heart. I love her sass. Her sweetness. Her sense of humor. Even her stubbornness! I really can't believe she is five. 
I hate to be partial but she is still my favorite person in the whole world to photograph. Even though this photoshoot was a two parter since she was DONE after the first outfit change and refused to smile. So we went back a week later to finish up. I brought bribery the second time in the form of a blind bag, I'm pretty sure I won't do another shoot with her without one! 

 Her birthday was pretty low key. No party this year, summer has been crazy busy and um...4 kids in daycare all day all week is pretty pricey.
She still looooooves Shopkins.
And absolutely anything that has to do with unicorns.