Sunday, June 4, 2017

Summer Begins!

Ok, I guess I should catch up on the Spring first?
So Evan had soccer - we tried a new league this year and really liked it. It seemed a bit more competitive - either that or he got on a team that had at least a few players that cared about it. We still had some stand arounders.
Todd coached and although it was a struggle sometimes it ended up being a fun season.

We also graduated a kindergartner! Oh my Lord Erin was so cute at her graduation program - she was singing so loud to just Todd and I. I loved it so much. 

Erin Kindergarten Graduation 1 from Kelly Marsh on Vimeo.

We also said goodbye to our daycare of 8 years. They are closing and it was tough to say goodbye. They have been the only ones to ever watch my babies! I will miss them so much.
A&W started at a new preschool. They would've probably started at a 1 or 2 day a week preschool in the fall so a 5 day a week school seemed crazy at first to me but this school only does "school" from 9-11am and there's plenty of fun for them to do before and after. I really like it so far and the staff are great at communicating and I love seeing little updates from them throughout their day.
First day.
From their teacher. 
Face painting day.
So so far so good!
Evan and Erin are spending the summer at my friend Jan's and they are really enjoying it so far. Her kids are about the E's ages so it works out great.
She took them to the library for Captain Underpants day :)

Love seeing a peak into their day as well!

That brings us pretty up to date. Yesterday we had Evan's 8th(!) birthday and Erin dance recital. I think those will need their own post.

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