Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wesley's Giant Tonsils

Wessy had his tonsils  and adenoids out this morning and he did amazingly great.  We got to the surgery center a little  before 7 AM and he was in surgery by eight.

 The surgery took about 30 minutes    Wes came out of anesthesia just fine he acted a little groggy for the first five minutes or so but then he just kind of laid around and ate his slushy.  Never cried or seemed  upset,  not even when they removed his IV.
 About an hour later we were discharged and headed home.

He hasn't been as lazy as I thought he would be, he's acting completely normal so far today.  He's napping now so we'll see when he wakes up how his pain is but so far so good!  He's been eating and drinking normally and even had a few bites of my bologna sandwich.

Fingers crossed the next couple of weeks go this well.  Most of the blogs that I read said the first day isn't bad though and days three and four are pretty rough because the tonsil start to scab over. Sounds gross!

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