Sunday, June 4, 2017

Evan is 8!!!

Oh my goodness I really can't believe it. 8!! Yesterday I was nervous about having my first baby and now that baby is 8! No way.
He really is the sweetest kid. Except maybe to his little sister :) He still doesn't mind a snuggle with me on the couch and still loves for me to sing him to sleep.
He's fun, energetic. funny, goofy, very techie, loves video games and watching people play video games, loves legos and of course soccer!
I love him so so much!
On his actual birthday I looked though pictures and I realized he's my least photographed child. What has happened! I quickly threw a polo shirt on him and went into the backyard. He's so funny he always wants to get the "no legs" picture - that is him jumping so it looks like he doesn't have any legs. It took a couple tries but we got it :) So goofy.

Such a big boy and so very hard to believe.

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