Monday, April 17, 2017

Big Weekend - A&W Birthday Party and Easter

We had Audrey and Wesley's 3rd (!) birthday party last weekend and it was super fun. We rented a bouncy house for the first time and I have a feeling it won't be the last time. Although after it was here for about 20 minutes Wes and Audrey collided and this happened.

 I cleaned him up and it looked ok and didn't look like he needed stitches. So I slapped a band aid on it. Poor guy.
 Oh and while I was taking care of him Audrey was doing this. Needless to say I was rather worried how the rest of the day would turn out but it was fine.

Their theme was Moana because they are pretty obsessed with that movie right now. My friend Karoline did their cake and it was super cute!

 I did not even pose this picture, I just asked them to stand together. LOVE!!!

 They all loved the bouncer and were SUPER sad to see it go that night. I think A&W thought we were keeping it!

Their actual birthday is Wednesday and we are just doing a little something at home that night.

Yesterday was Easter to round out the busy weekend.
Being so busy with the party I spaced and didn't get them anything for their Easter baskets! My mother in law saved the day thank goodness!

We went to Dale and Lisa's - they had planned an Easter egg hunt for all the kids. It was fun but exhausting. I'm still in that helicopter the twins stage so they don't run off to another county so there's not much sitting down and relaxing for me. It was fun though and the kids got some money and candy, score!

 Evan found a frog :)

Such a great weekend!

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